From Runway to Networking: Fashion Meets Business

Plunge into the magical fashion mingle with some of the hottest names in the industry. Gear up for an evening of networking, inspiration, and collaboration at the premier fashion networking event with leading fashion brands, enthusiasts, and influencers.

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The Lalit,
20th May 2023
4:00 PM Onwards

Why Fashion Industry?


The fashion industry is the trendsetter at the moment. It's an obvious force in India's economy, making up 2.3% of GDP. It's just getting started, with a projected 10% CAGR over the next few years and an estimated worth of US$ 190 billion by 25-26. The future looks bright for those in the fashion industry, and the opportunities are infinite!

Event Trail


01. Prelude

Let’s change the way fashion does business. Connect with experts and seek out leads to stitch your vision into a sustainably scalable fashion brand.

02. Fireside Chat

Let’s talk everything fashion. Listen to our experts discuss the future of the fashion industry. Grasp what’s new, what’s hot and what’s working right now!

03. Runway Spectacle

Let’s unleash a cascade of couture down the runway! Participate in the fashion show and take us on a journey through your latest and greatest styles.

04. Style Showcase

Make a splash at the massive glamour gala. Showcase your in-vogue, innovative and stunning designs to drum up interest among the mystical D2C forces.

05. Haute Couture Honors

Honouring the best and the brightest in the D2C fashion world. It is the celebration of outstanding achievements in design, creativity, and innovation, showcasing the latest trends and setting the bar for future fashion trends.

Our D2C Force in Fashion

The Couture Crew

D2CVerse Fashion Awards

Trisha Rajani Vaidya

Founder & Ex COO Dr. Vaidya's

Pooja Sareen

Co-Founder at Inc42

Inayat Guram

Director at Logic ERP


Udit Toshniwal

Founder & Creative Director
The Pant Project

sidhant keshwani
Sidhant Keshwani

Founder & CEO Libas

Aakriti rawal
Aakriti Rawal

Co-Founder & CEO House of Chikankari

chinu kala
Chinu Kala

Rubans Accessories

What’s in for you




Meet and interact with like-minded creative professionals from the Fashion Industry. Expand your network, and discuss business opportunities,
new trends and developments. Find the resources and partners you need to grow your brand.

Be an expert on the round table at the most collaborative fashion networking event and create a strong foundation for fashion businesses. Share success stories, optimization tips and more as our fashion aficionados build and make history in fashion.
Get ready to mix, mingle, and make magic at our electrifying fashion gala. Discuss collaboration opportunities and build partnerships as you rub shoulders with the founders of leading fashion brands and fashion experts.
Get access to event participants’ data, 4 passes for self and 8 for D2C founders and co-sponsor branding on all communications.

Building Bridges in Fashion:
Connect, Create, Conquer

Highlighting ‘Fashion’ This D2C Season!

Discover a dazzling new edition of fashion and networking!

D2C fashion is booming in India with limitless opportunities. Here’s a chance to take advantage of your creative flair and express yourself.

Be prepared to be awestruck by the lavishness of the D2C Bangalore Fashion Event. Join us for a look-alike, feel-alike extravaganza!

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